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Online games

online-game-001 War mission
Online game: You are a soldier driving a tank and must meet the missions entrusted to
online-game-002 Bombs vs zombies
Online game: Demonstrate your ability to drop bombs and kill zombies
online-game-003 Amigo Pancho 2
Online game: This time our friend Pancho has come to New York to make your balloon ride the tallest skyscrapers in the city.
online-game-004 Amigo Pancho 6
Online game: This time our friend Pancho wants to make a climb to Afganistan
online-game-005 Alicia lost letters
Online game: In three scenes from the movie Alice in Wonderland, there are all the hidden alphabet and you must ayarlo all.
online-game-006 Scooby-doo on the pirate ship
Online game: Live the adventure of Scooby-Doo on a pirate ship full of ghosts and other dangers
online-game-007 Loading Dock
Online game: The aim of the game is to get the boat loaded with boxes this port without sinking or anything falls overboard.
online-game-008 Three pandas in a dangerous island
Online game: The adventures of panda continue our friends, and this time they have gone to an island where hazards occur at every step.
online-game-009 The city of the future
Online game: Build your futuristic city using numerous architectural and decorative elements for you is completely finished
online-game-010 Amigo Pancho 3
Online game: Our friend Pancho has returned to complete his third ascent balloon
online-game-011 Three pandas night
Online game: These three pandas live a great adventure overnight in the jungle
online-game-012 A crazy night
Online game: An adventure where the protagonist desperately looking for a car thief
online-game-013 The sheeps astray
Online game: There are three sheep must return home and to do this they must overcome obstacles without the collaboration of the three, may not exceed
online-game-014 We get through twelve
Online game: The aim of the game is to transform the numbers on the board in doces
online-game-015 Three pandas in Fairyland
Online game: Three pandas have gone without wanting to Fairyland and now must find a way to return to his world.
online-game-016 Dora lost objects
Online game: Browse through the different drawings lost items Dora
online-game-017 Escape the abandoned castle
Online game: You are in the catacombs of an old castle that you should go on your own.
online-game-018 Shaggy zombie hunter
Online game: Shaggy hunting zombies with a ray gun and this gun is loaded with letters.
online-game-019 Escape the old man´s house
Online game: Try to escape from this house full of little puzzles and mysteries that you must solve to get out
online-game-020 Magic potions Scooby Doo
Online game: Scooby Doo and Shaggy go through a forest full of strange creatures, their mission is to shoot them potions to make them disappear.
online-game-021 Throw the bottle
Online game: The game consists of throwing the bottles with stones
online-game-022 Scooby-doo Escape Coolsonian
Online game: An escape game where you should go out with Scooby-Doo and his inseparable friend Shaggy
online-game-023 Escape the house numbers
Online game: In this house there are many numbers but not all are necessary to escape. Your job will be to discard those that are not useful.
online-game-024 Scooby in the spooky castle
Online game: Scooby-doo wanders through a castle full of traps and ghosts. The aim is to prevent the find and startle.
online-game-025 The Adventures of Scooby-doo in the Maya temple
Online game: Shaggy and Scooby-doo have gone to a Mayan temple that must escape before the evil totem finds
online-game-026 Bubba time
Online game: The goal is to get Bubba reach the elevator.
online-game-027 Escape the Tree House
Online game: Try to leave this hanging from a tree house, which is hidden in a corner only available if you solve all the riddles key.
online-game-028 Dora save the dog
Online game: The aim of Dora´s catch all the bones and get to the dog
online-game-029 Horse carer
Online game: It shows that it was a good caretaker of horses feeding them and picking up pots when they have finished
online-game-030 Rambo
Online game: A single soldier against an army. Will it be able to fulfill its mission?
online-game-031 The guardian rock
Online game: A small archaeologists have come to study very special roses, but they do not want to be bothered, so they sent a guard to take to outsiders.
online-game-032 Water war
Online game: The goal is to get all the water droplets disappear from the board
online-game-033 The Rainbow Road
Online game: Latie small wants to get home to his favorite strawberry pie, but he has no any strawberry and must exit the searching-and then return home.
online-game-034 Racer in the Rainbow Nation
Online game: Numbuh Three to bail out small stuffed animals that are on the Rainbow River
online-game-035 The dance floor
Online game: It shows that there is in the dance floor one like you
online-game-036 The Dance of the Dead
Online game: When a hung suspended, and the body sways, he is said to do the dance of the dead.
online-game-037 Find candy winter
Online game: The goal is to find hidden in different scenes winter candy in each level.
online-game-038 The Battle of the library
Online game: Every corner of library is waging a fierce battle between toy soldiers
online-game-039 The Book of the Dead
Online game: It is a different game where the story of a detective looking for a very valuable piece count
online-game-040 Extreme leak Mario 2
Online game: Mario must escape Goomba country and its allies, but first must collect all the mushrooms that you have on the road
online-game-041 Find the key and escape
Online game: Escape this house will not be easy. First you must solve the small hidden enigmas and then bring it in to find out
online-game-042 Race skates
Online game: This is a race between two skaters on the beaches of Malibu
online-game-043 The race of paw patro
Online game: Chase goes to a mission in his new car. Help him collect all the coins of different levels and gems to gain acceleration. Complete all the circuits to get the highest score possible.
online-game-044 The guitar hero
Online game: This hero ends with your enemies using the notes of his guitar
online-game-045 Escape the small apartment
Online game: You´ve been locked in a small apartment with four rooms, find the key that will open the exit door
online-game-046 Battlefields
Online game: The goal is to get your tank reaches the marked point using only the arrow keys that you have, dodging the dangers and enemies.
online-game-047 Escape the mind
Online game: A boy is trapped in a valley of candies that only exists in your mind, but which should leave as soon as possible.
online-game-048 A little bit of everything
Online game: This game is a mix of small games where everyone must be resolved in a way to move to the next
online-game-049 The Adventures of Nesquik
Online game: Nesquik is making a tour of the city with his skateboard, but along the way will encounter various objects that will prevent it.
online-game-050 Eskimo
Online game: An Eskimo should go home but to do so will have to overcome a series of obstacles that can only cope with skill and common sense.
online-game-051 Egyptian puzzle
Online game: The goal is to get all the pieces in each level disappear in groups of two or more equal.
online-game-052 Snoring and snoring
Online game: Elephant emits when you sleep so loud snoring that bothers the other animals of the jungle, trying to wake up the elephant to stop snoring.
online-game-053 Snoring in Treasure Island
Online game: In Treasure Island everything is quiet, until the elephant is put to sleep and starts sounding snores that fill all of a deafening noise.
online-game-054 Snoring in the Wild West
Online game: There is an elephant in the wild west that produces snoring during sleep so deafening that the remaining animals must awaken to street.
online-game-055 The frantic race Aladdin
Online game: Aladdin is trapped in the depths of the earth where a river of lava and other hazards may cause loss of life. Your mission is to drive it to the surface while collecting along the way gems.
online-game-056 Pirates paw patrol
Online game: Ryder wants to be a pirate truth and to do so must get done the same things that pirates
online-game-057 David, the shepherd
Online game: Complete the different levels, rescuing sheep kidnapped by wild animals.
online-game-058 Riley´s Farm
Online game: In this farm you must plant, water, collect and care for the animals, so that everything goes as planned, still without skipping any steps and become a great farmer
online-game-059 The goalkeeper cat
Online game: In this game you must make the cat reaches the red hole with arrows
online-game-060 Disney tennis
Online game: The classic pong game with familiar faces from the Disney characters
online-game-061 Find the cow
Online game: In twenty games the goal is always to make the cow is found, make discovering rise or hiding.
online-game-062 Crazy Italian race
Online game: You will take a car on a road in northern Italy, full of obstacles and curious things in the middle of the road.
online-game-063 Mad Cow
Online game: There is a cow not to go from one place to another spinning out of control. Your task will be to make it go to the block with the other cows.
online-game-064 Ciber sprint
Online game: You must bring a space jumper through the walls are built from nothing to overcome all obstacles and get to jump as many walls as possible
online-game-065 Paw patrol collects badges
Online game: This time the canine patrol will make several missions to collect badges and bones for the whole gang
online-game-066 Cinderella wants to go to the dance
Online game: As you know, the story says that Cinderella to the ball needed her fairy godmother became a series of objects and animals in his chariot and pages. In this game you have to find those few things that she can get to the ball.
online-game-067 The memory of fruit
Online game: As we all know fruits have a short memory, so will yours work finding his lost partner
online-game-068 Explosion on the farm
Online game: In this farm there are several farmers land dispute and to know who is going to be, make a competition for bombings.
online-game-069 A fantastic trio
Online game: Play with Mario, Sonic or Aladdin classic game collecting coins
online-game-070 Escape the home exam
Online game: You´ve been stuck in a house where the only way to escape is to pass an exam


Browser games are often free-to-play and do not require any client software to be installed apart from a web browser or browser plug-in. In some cases a game may be free, but charge for extra in-game features. Multiplayer browser games have an additional focus on social interaction, either between several players or on a massive scale. Due to the accessibility of browser games, they are often played in more frequent, shorter sessions compared to traditional computer games.

Since browser games run isolated from hardware in a web browser, they can run on many different operating systems without having to be ported to each platform.

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